Women of Wearables launch

Women of Wearables launch

January 11, 2019

I’m was delighted to share my thoughts on all things interiors, toilet roll and taupe with Dariya Y of Women of Wearables launch at Trinity College Dublin 16th May ’18.

Here was the jist of the conversation;

Dariya Y : Hi Michelle! Can you briefly describe your home – location, style, etc?

MK: I always start with a neutral base and build on that. For my newest home, I started with the structures, the panels and the staircase in the main space. I had fabulous bespoke pieces designed for the house and complemented these with vintage gems I’d found along the way, as well as my personal art collection.

Dariya Y: What’s your best interior design tip?

MK: Planning and time! Good planning is essential when designing a space. You have to be certain about and comfortable with every aspect and quick fire decisions often don’t pan out as expected. Take your time and do the research into finding the products, colours, fabrics, textures etc you really want. Create mood boards, Pinterest boards – anything that shows your visions and wish lists together in one place so you can see what to keep and what to eliminate.

Daryia Y: What do you look for in a budding Designer?

MK: Of course I want the person to be creative and have amazing design skills, but I also need them to be passionate. That is such a big aspect of success in my eyes. I want them to be taking part because they love what they do, and are constantly looking for new ways to challenge themselves and push design boundaries. Other qualities I like to see include: tenacious, hard working, organised, time-aware and humble. Essentially I am looking for perfection…no room for error here.

Daryia Y: What’s your interior pet hate?

MK: I really dislike over-cluttered spaces – nothing’s worse than not being able to see or appreciate the beauty of a room or a space when it’s filled with countless ornaments and irrelevant furniture pieces. Loo roll covers are also a major no-no for me.

Daryia Y: What do you love most about working in interiors?

It may seem obvious but the design aspect is my favourite part. I love going into my studio every day with my team and a fresh project to get started on. My design room is my safe haven and often my escape from my international business which keeps me super busy. I love taking time to design things; get my creative juices flowing – after all that’s what working in interior design is all about!